Officers for 2016

President: Barry Feinsod - 

Vice President: Lisa Parshal - 

Secretary/Treasurer:  Sue McManamen -

State Board:

Barry Feinsod -

​James Brookover - 

Lower Rio Grande Chapter      

P.O. Box 445, Radium Springs, NM  88054

The Lower Rio Grande Chapter of the Back Country Horsemen of New Mexico is centered in Las Cruces and welcomes members from surrounding areas and El Paso, Texas.

We accomplish the BCH mission of supporting the continued use of saddle and pack stock on federal lands by working with the Bureau of Land Management and the Forest Service on work and trail projects in our area.

With the Forest Service, we are mainly focused on projects in the Black Range, working with the regional office in Truth or Consequences.

With the BLM, we have worked on cleanup, trail planning, and construction projects surrounding the Sierra Vista Trail, which runs from Las Cruces to El Paso, and the Soledad Canyon and Dona Ana Recreation areas.

Further work is planned on other new trails in the area, such as the Butterfield Trail.