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Valle Caldera National Preserve - Public Comment April 9-May 5, 2021

​The National Preserve is seeking public feedback on several draft management zoning approaches under consideration at Valles Caldera National Preserve.  It is a questionaire and BCHNM recommends all its members fill out this survey.

Please read the VALL Zoning Newsletter link at the bottom of this page:

The Draft Management Zones are : 

  • Visitor Engagement Zone: include services and resources such as campgrounds, facilities, visitor center, ampiphitheather, roads, picnic areas, and roads
  • Self Guided Zone: This area includes development and facilities scubas as trailheads, parking, multiple use trails, signage, vault toilets, picnic areas, primitive campsites, and public roads.
  • Backcountry/Self-Reliance Zone: Remote and undeveloped areas of the preserve.

The Draft Mapping Options are A-B-C

  •  We are recommending Zone B.  It will give us better access to trails needing maintenance and hopefully future camping areas for access.  It goes as follows:

Zone B:  The Visitor Engagement Zone would include the Cabin District, areas along NM-4, Sulphur Springs, and South Mountain. The Self-Guided Zone would offer a less extensive vehicle corridor that still facilitates access to different landscapes and geography within the park. Non-motorized recreation would be emphasized parkwide, with a well-maintained multiple-use trail network within the Self-Guided Zone. Facilities such as trailheads, picnic areas, and primitive campsites would be located along or in walking distance from public roads. The Backcountry Self-Reliance Zone would offer a network of primitive trails and preserve large areas of the park for their natural values.

March 25, 2021 - Statewide Comprehensive Outdoor Recreation 5-Year Plan 

SCORP  recently put out a community survey until mid-April.  This questionnaire will be used towards planning a five year plan for the state of New Mexico and will cover all entities such as local, county, state parks, national forest, national parks, and private lands.  It is important we participate in all aspects of the planning by starting with the survey on and this summer town meetings will be arrange in each region.

August 18, 2020 - Hale Lake Management EA

BCHNM responded to the Hale Lake Area Management Public Comment period in the Smokey Bear Ranger District in the Lincoln National Forest.  The Plan proposed giving special designation to e-Bikes to non-motorized trails. BCHNM opposes motorized bicycles (e-bikes) onto trails that are intended to be shared by hikers, equestrians, and others.  Our primary concerns were safety, potential impacts of e-bike use, not supporting the EA analysis of the Forest Service policy, and the main fact is an e-bike is motorized and should not be on a non-motorized trail. 

Final Decision: January 20, 2021

Hale Lake responded with eliminating e-bikes from non-motorized trails.

April 10, 2020 - Revision of Forest Plan for the Gila National Forest

Backcountry Horsemen stated the following : 

  • Building partnerships and volunteerism in assisting with the planning and maintenance of all trail systems.  A well distributed trail system should be maintained to protect the opportunities for solitude, to implement and maintain the purpose of the wilderness, and not be limited.  In 2019, the Gila chapter cleared trees and maintained 135 miles of trail in the Gila. Many of those severely degraded. 

  • Continuing to maintain historic structures such as the log cabin at Mogollon Baldy,  Hillsboro Peak, and White Creek cabin.

Final Decision : TBA