Lower Rio Grande Activities


Lower Rio Grande Chapter


The Lower Rio Grande Chapter works to create and maintain trails and trail facilities throughout south central New Mexico's many public recreation areas.

We cooperate and coordinate with the US Forest Service, mainly focused on projects in the half-million acres of the Organ Mountains Desert Peaks National Monument, including five mountain ranges. In the past, we have worked in the Black Range with the Forest Service's regional office in Truth or Consequences. 

We also work with the US Department of the Interior's Bureau of Land Management on cleanup, trail planning, and construction projects surrounding the Sierra Vista Trail, which runs from Las Cruces to El Paso, and the Soledad Canyon and Dona Ana Recreation areas. 

We plan to work on other new trails in our area, such as the Butterfield Trail.

Once a year Chapter members ride at White Sands National Monument. Members also arrange pleasure rides with their LRGC friends.

​We maintain a web presence on Facebook, where you can find information and images about our activities.