Officers for 2018-19

Joan Lattner, President 
Tamara Hallman, VP
Nick Martinez, Treasurer
Jeff Hanford, 1st Delegate
Eldon Reyer, 2nd Delegate 
Debbie Spickermann, Alternate

About the Santa Fe Chapter

P.O. Box 5708, Santa Fe, NM  87502 

The Santa Fe Chapter of the Back Country Horsemen (BCHSF) welcomes you to browse our webpages for information on joining BCHSF, projects and rides, contact info, and much more! Back Country Horsemen Santa Fe is a great resource for information on places to ride, packing training, camping with your horses, trail conditions, and many other items of interest to trail riders and outdoor enthusiasts. 

Back Country Horsemen Santa Fe Chapter works closely with several US Forest Service agencies, such as the Española, Santa Fe, Cuba, Coyote, and Canjilon Ranger Districts, and the Bureau of Land Management and county agencies. By attending meetings and forums, our members stay abreast of important state and local issues concerning pack stock and trail access. We make our voices heard by communicating with our representatives, senators, and congressmen. 

In addition to volunteer work and trail maintenance, we also horse camp, schedule trail rides and pack trips into the back country. We work together to support other volunteer groups, such as the Retired Smokejumpers, New Mexico Wild, Volunteers for the Outdoors and Rocky Mountain Youth Corps.  

Our monthly meetings are held on the second Tuesday of each

month. We usually meet at the Bourbon Grill located at

104 Od Las Vegas Hwy, Santa Fe.  Dinner begins at 6 pm

with the chapter meeting following at 7:00 pm.  Our meetings

often feature a guest speaker--forester, map maker,

veterinarian, or even author--who shares valuable information

and experiences with the group. The public is always welcome

to attend a meeting of Back Country Horsemen before becoming

a member to learn what we're all about.  Come one, come all! Call 505-474-0494 if you would like to attend a meeting or learn more through conversation.

Membership dues are $33 for a single membership and $46 for a family. Your membership includes monthly emails with minutes of the meeting, a quarterly newsletter from Back Country Horsemen of America (BCHA), and other info as it comes available. You must fill out an application and submit an additional amount of approximately $5 for liability insurance. This insurance covers your participation in any BCH-New Mexico event. Contact us at 505-474-0494 for more information.