Northwest Chapter Activities 
Trail Rides, Work Projects, and News 

MEETINGS - On the second Wednesday of each month, the Chapter currently meets at various locations around town.  Our meetings are preceded with a newsletter and rotate among the membership. The meetings include activity planning, backcountry issues, equine care, trail safety as well as frequent presentations relative to our group.

RIDES AND WORK PROJECTS - We are able to ride throughout the year, which allows for reliable and consistent scheduling. The focal point of our riding activity is the San Pedro Wilderness but we have the good fortune of enjoying riding activities year round. Generally, we plan at least two weekend rides each month. The summer months find us in the high country while other seasonal riding can be done in lower elevations within easy driving distance to many BLM and Continental Divide areas. Our rides include day trips, pack trips and trailer camping. Our most popular riding activities are day rides. Packing or trailer camping is usually more prevalent on three-day weekends.

A major project involves detailed mapping of trails in the San Pedro Wilderness by using GPS. The area has nine access trails and approximately nine more internal trails ranging in elevation from 7,000 feet to 10,000. Our familiarity is reinforced each year as we enter the wilderness area to clear trails in the springtime and enjoy the country while both riding and shoring up water bars in the summer.

OTHER ACTIVITIES - Just as our group is diversified; so too is our packing activity. Knowledge among our members includes virtually all packing techniques and options. 

Another popular activity is Dutch Oven cooking competitions at chapter meetings, trail rides, and public demonstrations.

For more information about our monthly meetings, work projects, rides, and activities, please contact Dan, Melissa, Teddie, or Trisha at​